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Secrets Unsealed and SUMTV are supporting ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Pastor Stephen Bohr has spent his life in mission service, dedicated decades in ministry, and his deep theological research is ongoing. His love for the Lord is the driving force behind his commitment to spreading the cutting edge gospel message for these last days with clarity and power.

Pastor Bohr was born in Wisconsin but grew up in Venezuela and Colombia where his parents served as missionaries for over 30-years. His heavy speaking schedule has taken him literally around the world. He is also the author of Worship At Satan’s Throne, Hidden Sabbath Truths, Prophecy’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Taken or Left?, Futurism’s Incredible Journey, The Truth About The Number 666, Reflections on Women’s Ordination, and one in Spanish, Esperanza Para el Planeta Tierra.

Retired from his 40 years of denominational work Pastor Bohr has served as a local church pastor, university theology teacher, conference youth/Pathfinder director, ministerial secretary and evangelist. He is now full time President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed. He is also fluent in Spanish, and has a variety of topics available in both languages. His 52-part groundbreaking series Cracking The Genesis Code is the result of over 14 years of in-depth studies. In addition, Pastor Bohr teaches a seminary-level course of study for our ANCHOR School of Theology class in Fresno, California on the fundamentals of Seventh-day Adventist theology. His wife, Aurora, is from Colombia, and they have two grown children, Stephen and Jennifer.

Many of his presentations can be seen on SUMTV (Secrets Unsealed Ministry TV) the satellite channels of 3ABN, 3ABN Proclaim, 3ABN Latino, Amazing Facts TV (AFTV), HopeTV, on our channel, Facebook and all IPTV channels which include: Roku, MYSDATV, AppleTV. Download the free SUMTV app for iPhone & Android devices. Your spiritual walk with the Lord will be strengthen and grounded in Biblical truths, and our prayer is that many souls will be in God’s kingdom as a direct result of the ministry of Secrets Unsealed.


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